Welcome people of the world!…..or the handful that have randomly come across my site. My name is Neo…… I am and have been on a quest for the truth a long time now & although I have not even scratched the surface of the lies told to all people, all over the globe, I have, over the years come across things important enough, that I feel have to be shared and questioned.

I have nothing to gain by lying to anyone, but our governments have everything to gain by lying and everything to lose by telling the truth…namely, their power to govern and control the masses.

All I can ask, is that you keep an open mind.

Conspiracy Theories are the most discredited subject and is met with skepticism and ridicule. It’s the idea that truths being told are in actual fact lies and that a sinister motive lies behind an act or event.

When at least 80% of the population cling to the views of the mainstream media it is understandable that people associate the theories with hollywood ideas of the subject at hand. When aliens are mentioned the majority think– little green men, when black magic and the occult are mentioned people think– Harry Potter. This is so people see fantasy, rather that truth… Over active imaginations instead of free thinkers.

This is designed so that the words crazy, ludicrous & nut-job come to mind when anything is associated with conspiracy theorists. It is not by accident or independent thinking of an individual, it is a “group-think” mentality that the government exploits through the media so that the idea can be discarded.

Once they attach such stigma to an idea, the people (or Sheep-le) employ the same thoughts, which in turn become “their” thoughts on the subject.

The people police themselves and in turn ridicule and dismiss the theories.

It is considered heresy, unpatriotic and recently a terrorist act to question the actions of our leaders… a tactic to keep people in fear of what they may be labelled.

Theorist’s face mockery and discredit in their field, while people who believe them face being called crazy: crazy carries the connotations of unstable, lunatic, silly, absurd, insane & dangerous.

They do this to keep society exactly where it needs to be….in a unseen prison cell.

“there are none so hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” –Goethe

But don’t follow my words blindly, this would make me no better than a government spin doctor and you no different from the same sheep that cling to the group-think comfort zone. More people are coming round to the idea that governments and world leaders are all part of a hidden system designed to keep us, the “chattel”, in bondage.Some of you will know these truths already, but for those of you who do not, I strongly suggest that you don’t take my word for it, and urge that you do your own research on various subjects discussed and make your own mind up…

What I post are my own personal views, and are not intended to offend anyone. Nor do I lay claim to knowing everything…

I just ask the question “What if?.





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