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12 12 2010
Alves Líma

Coudn’t sleep yet, felt compelled to notify you of three more things to add on your new ‘False Flag’ section…
Gulf Of Tonkin Incident
Operation Northwoods
Operation Gladio
Operation Ajax

Goodnight Neo x

12 12 2010
Alves Líma

Couldn’t* LOL

12 12 2010
Red-Pill Rookie

I’ve been looking to find a good Northwoods Doc. ill upload them soon 🙂 Thanks for the other suggestions. Much appreciated x

8 12 2010
Alves Líma

Neo… About that kitchen sink? You want it back lol.

If humanity has fallen asleep at the wheel,
i feel humbled at how tight your grip is….

How long have you worked on this site? X

8 12 2010
Red-Pill Rookie

Hahaha…I thought you threw it back at me yesterday! lol

Thanks Alves, your kind words are much appreciated.
Iv been working on it for about two & half months now, it was very testing at times…
My knowledge on these things are limited so a lot of Google searches and Youtube tutorials were needed, lol.
But its a really fun process, you should do one and share all that knowledge you’ve got stored up 😛

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