Lucifers Music Industry

Lucifer the fallen angel, was the head of the ministry of music in Heaven before he was cast out. The Illuminati pay homage to him by using the music industry as one of their tools to promote their new world order and new world religion.
The Illuminati have already taken over a big part of world politics, business, education and religious sects. Music is highly influential, especially in the hands of the wrong people! The Illuminati know how the human mind works and understand how to manipulate it.
Not everyone is into politics, religion, etc. so what other ways do they use to influence people?
Music is universal and now with videos to match, images can do most of the talking.With music you can reach all people, of all ages.
This is not about money, the music industry would be chump change, its purely about mind control, and indirect occult worship. Hollywood and music are their most powerful instruments. Musicians don’t have to be mind controlled themselves, some of them unwittingly help with the agenda by jumping on the bandwagon of setting “new trends” with their “artistic” expression in the form of weirdly directed videos, hand signs etc. while the elite sit back and watch. Why not use these superstars that are loved worldwide to do some of the dirty work?…

I love music myself and would find it hard to cut it out completely, I think the key is to be aware and to make choices in what we expose ourselves & children to. This mass mind control only works if the receiver is ignorant to what their exposed to.


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