New In Town

26 11 2010

Ok, just a quick hello and introduction. First of all, Thank you for checking out my page, which after much reading, trolling through forums and watching tutorials, is finally up and running! Theres more work to be done and I will constantly be updating and adding new info as conspiracy is a subject that never rests!

There is always corruption to expose & truths to be discovered. I have got an ever-growing collection of expos√© documentaries (Here). Whether your interested in 9/11, The Illuminati, Freemasons, Zionists, The New World Order, Ancient Aliens, Xeno-politics, Zero Point Energy, hidden history, natural healing, secret projects or shifts in consciousness, all will be covered. I wish for my site to be one of many beacons of light to shine in such dark times. I understand not everyone will wake up, simply because it is not their time, yet. But those of you that do, you have a duty to share the information given, its free and its for everyone… whether your black,white, blue, religious, or non-religious alike, a thousand welcomes to you!

But first a decision must be made for those that are new to this kind of information– If you feel you have a good grasp of what you think is going on in the world and are happy with living by what you have been told throughout your life then the content may leave you shell-shocked to say the least.

There are questions you must ask yourself… Knowing the truth comes at a cost. Are you willing to believe and to live by the truth, even if it may cost you your comfort or reputation? If you are told something that does not conform to rules of society, would you try to understand it or would you shrug it off because it might cost you something you hold more dear than truth itself?… If your answers are no, then read no further, for ignorance truly is bliss. This is not for the fragile minded. If you are up to the this challenge of the mind, press the reset button & reboot &¬† lets really see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Peace, Love and Unity.

Your friend,