Who is really behind the terrorist attack on the world trade center? Osama Bin Laden or Bush and the secret cabal of which he is part? Was the world trade center sacrificed for world government? Who would benefit by uniting the world against the arab nations? Certainly not Islam. Who then did benefit from the attack upon America? Israel? Or was it America’s hidden elite who seek to establish a new world order upon the smoldering wreckage of all national sovereignty?

Did George W. Bush and the Illuminati’s cabalist cartel orchestrate the horror of 9-11? Evidence clearly indicates that George Bush had prior knowledge of the attack, just as Franklin D. Roosevelt had prior knowledge of the Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. Like Franklin, George W. Bush is using a world war to bring about World Government. The warlords of wall Street and Washington realize that they must create a crisis to bring about dictatorial control. Their puppet presidents, like Hitler in the past, has used the Fear Factor to transfer power from the people to the president and the police. George Walker Bush has set the stage for secret military tribunals, martial law, an American Gestapo and ultimately a police state. Illuminazi 9-11 exposes the plan to rule and enslave the world. A film by Anthony J Hilder.


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